Vape pen,cannabis vaporization is growing in popularity among people interested in consuming marijuana in an easy, discreet manner that’s healthier than traditional smoking methods. Both flower and concentrates can be vaporized using a wide range of devices.

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How to Load a Vape Pen with Wax

  • Make sure your pen is designed for concentrates and oils

Most of our pens are designed to be used with flower concentrates rather than the flower itself.

  • Get a small amount of concentrate on your dab tool.

Slice off a little sliver of wax, or dip your tool into the concentrate if it’s oilier. You can warm it between your fingers a little bit to shape it. Just a little ball of wax is enough. It should be approximately , but do not worry about weighing it you will quickly learn to eyeball the correct amount, if you haven’t already.

  • Carefully apply it directly to the coil.

Be very gentle as you apply the wax to the coil. It’s probably very sticky and it might not come off your tool right away, but it is important not to jab the coil with your tool because heating elements are delicate & might be damaged if you scrape them while trying to get the wax off your tool.

  • Or, break up your shatter into tiny pieces and fill the chamber

If your concentrate is less pliable and more shatter-like, you won’t be able to load it onto a dab tool in the same way we described in the last two steps. In that case, just break it up into little bits and load the chamber up to halfway (the exact amount depends on the vape pen you’re using).

  • That’s it!

And you’re ready to vape! The wax or shatter like wax will melt and drip down into the chamber, and you can go ahead and inhale.

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