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White Widow marijuana strain is a legendary 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid. It was first bred in the Netherlands in the early ’90s, and rumoured to be created in the mountains of Kerala. Buds are conical and fully soaked in resin and a blanket of white trichomes, making for a sparkler of an herb. White Widow has a smooth exhale that won’t cause coughing, and an overall pepper and lemon taste and smell. It can treat nausea, pain, PTSD, and stress. This strain is great for daytime or evening use.
White Widow strain’s high is potent and lasts for hours. It will mesmerize your body but won’t put you to sleep, instead inducing a gleeful cerebral buzz with creativity, laughter and social behavior. May cause paranoia or headaches.My pinterest page.

6 reviews for White Widow

  1. Michael

    A real classic to me! Got my White Widow within a few days (European) You guys have great packaging, really discreet and stealthy, props!

  2. Richard

    Just when I had given up, my package arrived, these guys are the real deal.

  3. Joseph

    Nice like what I see.

  4. Maria

    Excellent service.

  5. Thomas

    How long would it take to ship to Australia.

  6. Mellissa

    This is the top strain in my opinion. It keeps you in your seat for gaming with a relaxed feel but you can focus too. Perfect recipe for headshots.

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