Pre rolled joints (5-PACK) – Blue Draam




Pre rolled joints (5-PACK) – Blue Draam

Pre rolled joints (5-PACK) – Blue Draam is a California born and bred, this Sativa based strain represents a cross between a Blueberry Indica and the Sativa Haze. It stimulates the mind while calming the body and this effect is excellent for slipping off into a clear and relaxed mental state. Blue Dream gives you a hint of blueberry with some richer earthy undertones. Great for mood disorders, pain and nausea.

Medicinal qualities this strain offers is stress relief, treatment of mild depression, and chronic pain relief. Blue Dream offers a sweet and potent blueberry smell and will surely help you dream more comfortably after you’ve socialized. Each Blue Dream Pre-Rolled Joint comes with a single Boveda pack to prolong freshness. Available in 0.5g, 1g, singles, 5-packs, 10-packs, or 25-packs and is found in the Black Label (AAA+ flower).

Each pack includes 5 Pre Rolled Joints – Blue Dream strain

Approximately 1g of Blue Dream strain per joint. My Instagram page

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Single packs, 2 packs, 3 packs, 5 packs


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