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The Crafty Vaporizer is a fabulous product that befits all of your vaporizing needs. Not only is this product tastefully designed, it is also built to fit right in your hand, making it much more convenient than the other products being offered on the market.

The Crafty Vaporizer for sale here comes from the well-known company, Storz& Bickel. These are also the very same makers of the Volcano Vaporizer and Plenty Vaporizer, both products that are among those that lead the market. The company is also well-known for using only high quality materials, bringing you the greatest durability and functionality you could ask for. Not unlike its siblings, the Crafty Vaporizer is being delivered to you after being delicately handcrafted in Germany with every attention to detail.

Despite its advanced capabilities, it is not difficult at all to operate. All it takes is the pressing of a button. Using only one button, you will be able to turning Crafty Vaporizer on. Automatically, it will heat itself until it reaches the Basic temperature of 180°C(356°F). Clicking it twice will tell the Crafty Vaporizer to reach the Booster temperature of 195°C (383°F) instead. Always helpful, the Crafty Vaporizer will notify you when it reaches the right temperature with a short, double vibration as the LED lights turn green instead of red.

Another special feature of the Crafty vape that is not commonly seen in vaporizers is the unique remote control app that allows you to personalize your Crafty Vaporizer by setting your own, individual settings through low, Bluetooth energy. Using an app, you can easily manipulate the Crafty Vaporizer through the use of a smart phone. This will allow you to set the Basic and Booster temperatures to the values you want, allowing you to make the Crafty Portable Vaporizer more convenient for you. You can also easy tell the amount of battery power still remaining on your vaporizer, turn on or off the vibration function, and activate a separate alarm and vibration for your smart phone itself. These are only a few of the functions that the Crafty Vaporizer remote control app allows you to perform.

When you buy the Crafty Vaporizer, you will be getting a power adaptor, an USB cable, a mouthpiece, a liquid pad, a cleaning brush, a filling aid, spare seal rings, a Storz& Bickel grinder, three normal screens, and the user manual, ensuring that your experience with the Crafty Vaporizer is the best it can possibly be. With the convenience and quality offered by the Crafty Vaporizer, it is impossible to pass up this offer!My Instagram


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