Are you looking for an easy and simple way to order marijuana and get it delivered directly to your door? you can use Budforsale online dispensary for all your cannabis needs. Our online weed dispensary offers a wide variety of cannabis-related products, from bud to concentrates and all different accessories to match. For shoppers that are new to ordering weed online, no worries. We’ll take you through the step-by-step, intuitive shopping experience. Budforsaleonline Weed’s e-commerce platform is easy to use and we guarantee only the best quality cannabis products will be delivered to your doorstep in the most efficient manner.

We accept the Following payment methods.

  • Zelle,Venmo,Gift Cards and Bitcoin 

You can use your credit card to pay for your order on Medical Maryjanes weedshop  without any risk. If you are not already aware of this and wondering that how can you pay with your credit card without any risk,you can make payment through Cash App, or Money Gram with your credit card securely. 

Shipping : –

All herb is double vacuum sealed to ensure a completely smell-proof package. Our shippers have been shipping for years and know how to make a package blend in with all the others.

We have researched this extensively and have NEVER found even one instance of someone getting busted for getting a small amount of weed delivered to them. Every single news article that I have read on the subject involved large quantities of weed or narcotics.

Over 99% of our packages arrive successfully. Out of those that don’t the majority is because of wrong addresses or packages being intercepted by family members etc. Very occasionally we have ones that are just “lost in the mail”. In almost four years of operation we’ve never had one report of anyone getting into any kind of trouble using our service!